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Storm The Gates Of Hell (Special Edition)

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With Storm the Gates of Hell, the members of Demon Hunter continue to craft elegantly melodic and yet blisteringly fast and thrashy songs. Their fourth full length album includes "Follow the Wolves," "Fiction Kingdom," "Thorns," and more. This Special Edition includes the CD with additional 2 tracks and a DVD including the making of the album, interviews, a brand new video and the making of the video.

Update Track Listing
1. Storm the Gates of Hell
2. Lead Us Home
3. Sixteen (featuring Bruce Fitzhugh)
4. Fading Away
5. Carry Me Down
6. A Thread of Light
7. I Am You
8. Incision
9. Thorns
10. Follow The Wolves
11. Fiction Kingdom
12. The Wrath Of God

13. No Reason To Exist
14. Grand Finale