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I Love The Mosque on White Apparel Fine Jersey

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Sparrow Media - I Love The Mosque on White American Apparel Fine Jersey - T-Shirt

50% of the profits from this shirt will benefit victims of hate crimes.
Sustainably printed on American Apparel

Any educated person understands that the Park 51 Islamic Interfaith Center slated to be built 5 blocks north of the former World Trade Center site is not a Mosque, nor is it an exclusively Muslim space, but fringe conservative elements in politics and media wish to hijack this narrative and make you believe otherwise. On September 11th, 2001, thousands of innocent people died, in the years following the attacks hundreds of thousands more have died in misappropriated military actions overseas, most recently a violent anti-muslim narrative in response to the Park 51 proposal has stoked flames of hatred culminating in a New York city cab driver almost loosing his life.

This perverse narrative and it's uneducated sloganeering needs to be countered with equally simplistic and strong speech stating that we, as New Yorkers & Americans embrace the religious freedoms of all groups no matter how large or small their constituency is. And we support their freedom to assemble and worship when they choose, wherever they choose to do so.

New Yorkers are a resilient lot. In the days immediately following 9/11, charity was at an all time high, cooperation was wearing it's Sunday best, and the phrase "love your neighbor" took on a whole new meaning. This is evidence that New Yorkers are strong enough to heal even the deepest wounds.

But what New York and our nation cannot afford to do is allow this recent hateful, ethnocentric, xenophobic, and violent narrative reshape our freedoms and what it means to be a New Yorker. On 9/11 when buildings started exploding we did not cower. We similarly won't back down when a handful of fear mongering bigots try to tell us that Park 51 should not be built. We will not turn our backs on our Muslim neighbors.

The Park 51 Center is about unity, reconciliation, and peaceful coexistence, the cornerstone of the spirit of New York.