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Album Raises New And Troubling Questions

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Pre-order the limited edition CD of
They Might Be Giants'
Album Raises New and Troubling Questions
Idlewild Recordings

Because many in They Might Be Giants' audience still love the CD format we are making a special audio-only pressing of the album. We will make our first run on Nov. 1 and should be able to ship by Dec. 1.

In the many months making and then promoting Join Us They Might Be Giants created many recordings. Contained on this brand new full length album of rarities are many previously unheard tracks along with the live version of "Cloisonné" heard on the official video of the song, a fantastic remix of "You Probably Get That A Lot" from the Elegant Too, plus the band's now legendary appearance on The Onion AV Club's Undercover series performing "Tubthumping" with the AV Club Choir. Rollicking new music from TMBGs Other Thing Brass Band sessions fill out the set, making ALBUM RAISES NEW AND TROUBLING QUESTIONS a must have for all TMBG music-lovers.

To hold you until the physical piece arrives in your mailbox, CD buyers will also receive a FREE mp3 or FLAC download immediately, and a download of these videos, available exclusively when you buy direct from TMBG: You Probably Get That A Lot, Can't Keep Johnny Down (both Bees Knees and Surround versions), Cloisonné, Spoiler Alert

Complete track listing: O We, Authenticity Trip, You Probably Get That A Lot (Elegant Too remix), Marty Beller Mask, Now I Know, How Now Dark Cloud?, The Fellowship of Hell, Mountain Flowers, Doom Doom, Money for Dope, Read A Book, Havalina, Tubthumping (feat. the Onion AV Club Choir), Electronic Istanbul (Not Constantinople), Cloisonné (live), 200 Sbemails, and featuring TMBGs Other Thing Brass Band....Boat of Car, Mr. Me, Dirt Bike, Particle Man

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