They Might Be Giants - HERE COMES THE ABC's - CDs and DVDs


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This hour-long CD/DVD set is an ultra-vivid and highly entertaining introduction to the alphabet with wonderful puppets, brilliant animations, and live performances by TMBG. 25 songs! Kid-tested, parent-approved.

Here Come The ABCs, Alphabet Of Nations, E Eats Everything, Flying V, Q U, Go For G!, Pictures Of Pandas Painting, D & W, Fake-Believe, Can You Find It?, The Vowel Family, Letter / Not a Letter, Alphabet Lost And Found, I C U, Letter Shapes, Who Put The Alphabet In Alphabetical Order?, Rolling O, L M N O, C Is For Conifers, Fake-Believe (Type B), D Is For Drums, Z Y X, Goodnight My Friends, Clap Your Hands, Here In Higglytown (Theme to Higglytown Heroes), Hovering Sombrero 05


- Alphabet of Nations
- E Eats Everything
- I C U
- Pictures of Pandas Painting
- C Is For Conifers
- L M N O
- D & W
- Fake-Believe
- The Vowel Family
- Can You Find It?
- Go For G!
- Q U
- Flying V
- Alphabet Lost & Found
- Who Put The Alphabet in Alphabetical Order?
- Rolling O
- Letter Shapes
- Z Y X