• Northstar - The Uncomfortable Camera - DVD

    The Uncomfortable Camera

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    1. Broken Parachute
    2. Pornographer?s Daughter
    3. My Ricochet
    4. Accident Under Water
    5. Rigged & Ready
    6. Two Zero Two
    7. American Living
    8. Like AM Radio
    9. Is This Thing Loaded?
    10. Pollyanna
    11. For Members Only

    The Uncomfortable Camera showcases a cross-section of songs spanning the band?s
    career, all performed live at The Downtown on Long Island, NY. The DVD also includes
    exclusive footage of the making of Pollyanna, never before heard acoustic renditions of
    their songs as well as the entirety of their music video collection. In other words, its a
    must have for every one of their thousands and thousands of fans worldwide.