The Dear Hunter - Act III: Life And Death - Vinyl

Act III: Life And Death

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This is a double vinyl in gatefold packaging. This title was pressed on white vinyl.
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Writing On A Wall
In Cauda Veneum
What It Means To Be Alone
The Tank

The Poison Woman
The Thief
Mustard Gas

He Said He Had A Story
This Beautiful Life

Go Get Your Gun
Life And Death

The Dear Hunter was conceived late 2003 as one man's idea. Founded by former The Receiving End Of Sirens guitarist/vocalist
Casey Crescenzo, he set out to do something simple: create pure, heartfelt music that he alone set the boundaries for.

During Crescenzos time with TREOS they toured relentlessly with Atreyu, Panic At The Disco, Thrice, Circa Survive as well as appearances
on WARP and Taste Of Chaos. The bands debut album Between The Heart And The Synapse has gone on to sell more than 50,000 units and
grew a legion of dedicated fans around the country. Casey had always intended to release Dear Hunter music during breaks from TREOS
but decided to pursue the band full time shortly before TREOS recorded their sophomore effort.

Everyone wants to say that they are evolving, and that with each new record they are tapping into a new era for the band- usually
spouting off a phrase akin to "This record is so much more melodic- the heavy parts are heavier, and the soft parts are more serene." A
record speaks for itself and the only job of the artist is to create. Having said that, Crescenzo makes no attempts to declare the magnitude
of the record from the point of view of the audience. The only thing he can proclaim is how rewarding the creation of the record has been
and just how profound the effect of that creativity has been on our lives.

Set in a WWI era, Act III... sets its own course with no direct historical ties, only a loyalty to the emotions of the human spirit,
documenting the metamorphoses of a fictional central character as he makes the transition from innocence to impurity. With a great deal
of care given to marrying all aspects of an album, ACT III... follows these themes within the context of lyrics, music, and tonality.

Also available in CDs.